Pets Central hospitals and clinics provide general and specialist professional veterinary services using state-of-the-art technology. We provide maximum support to clients through our 24/7 hospitals and our coverage across the whole of Hong Kong.

Pets Central is a collaboration among Hong Kong’s leading Vets dedicated to providing the very best care for your Pet. With 24 hour care and experienced veterinary expertise across the board, Pets Central can diagnose and treat for almost any circumstance, providing true one stop care.


Pets Central is conducting the first clinical trial in dogs in Hong Kong – looking at the effects of a safe nutritional supplement on survival and quality of life in dogs in Hong Kong.

The Company Founding Veterinarians also launched Pets Central Veterinary Academy (“PCVA”), to bring overseas specialists to Hong Kong to introduce new veterinary developments and train Pets Central staff at regular company rounds and workshops; and, working with the Hong Kong Veterinary Surgeons Board and sponsors, lectures to fellow Hong Kong veterinarians who receive CPD Credit.

PCVA founding vets, have also lectured extensively to veterinarians across China at Chinese Veterinary Confer-ences; and in partnership with the Hong Kong Youth Federation Group Council, pet care classes to aspiring pet care professionals.