To bring outstanding overall well-rounded veterinary and animal life-long care educational programs for all animals.


Is the education and mentorship arm of Pets Central. It has been developing models to support veterinarians, veterinary support staff, and pet owners within Pets Central. Now, Pets Central Veterinary Academy wants to expand its services to the broader veterinary community.

PCVA has been running a successful series of lectures for 6 years in collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. These lectures have introduced pet owners to concepts of responsible pet care and the role of veterinarians in animal care, and the role of veterinary assistants in veterinary clinics.
In 2018, PCVA started a lecture program to support veterinarians to learn techniques from texperts in the field, that they can immediately use in daily practice.

PCVA will partner with Vets Central to deliver veterinary education through televeterinary consultations, workshops, and online platforms.


Watch Dr. Pauline Taylor talk about grief, and Dr. Kurt Verkest & Dr. David Coyle joint lecture in China on ultrasonography


Download for FREE the proceedings from the exclusive lecture series, THE PALE & THE BLEEDING: IMMUNE & INFECTIOUS BLOOD DISORDERS by Prof. Gad Baneth (DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVCP) & Dr. David Coyle (BVSc, MANZCVS)