local pet adoption welfare groups including Catherine’s Pups, Sai Kung Stray Friends and Kelly Animals Shelter.

We just love this interview with Narelle Pamuk, the founder of Sai Kung Stray Friends.

As Narelle explains, the facility now serves all of Hong Kong, far and beyond Sai Kung, catering to between 100 and 130 dogs on any given day.

“All the dogs in our shelter are available for adoption,” Narelle notes. “And you are guaranteed when you adopt from Sai Kung Stray Friends that you are going to get a healthy dog, a dog that’s socialized. We are there for the adopter, not just the day you adopt the dog but going forward.”

Construction workers this week brought in a black tong gau mixed-breed dog to our Pets Central Sai Kung hospital. Unfortunately, the dog has deep wounds that became infected with maggots. This is not unusual in cases of severe neglect.

We named him Blackjack. ❤ The workers couldn’t afford to cover his treatment, so the Pets Central Animal Welfare Foundation has taken on his case, and is treating the dog for Sai Kung Stray Friends.

This is Linda. She is a stray dog who helps protect her village from wild boars. One night, she was attacked by a wild boar.

The village residents tried to help her but she ran away. After a few days, they finally caught her (Tuesday, 1 August 2017), with her wound already being eaten by maggots.