Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with your pets

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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with your pets


中秋佳節,當然少不了與親朋好友一同賞月,享用美食佳餚。不過,節日前後,往往是主人帶寵物求診的高峰。慶祝人「寵」團圓的同時,主人可以如何保障愛貓愛狗的健康?以下是Pets Central的中秋小貼士:

1)   寵物月餅Dos & Don’ts




2)   留心應節物品



3)    水果危機




Festive seasons are meant to be fun and joyous, yet we often see an increase in visits to our clinics. Pets Central’s veterinarians are here to offer some tips on keeping your pets safe and sound this Mid-Autumn Festival.

1. Mooncake dos and don’ts

Many owners make pet-friendly mooncakes to celebrate with their four-legged companions. Whether you’re planning to buy them or make your own, it’s important to make sure the ingredients are all-natural and organic.

It’s best to use gluten-free flour instead of glutinous rice flour, as it’s easier on animal digestive systems. Customisethe recipe with your pet’s favorite food. You may consider chicken breast, pumpkin, unsalted cheese, carrots or sweet potatoes, which are suitable for both cats and dogs. Cat owners can even add catnip.

Be mindful when selecting ingredients and consult a vet if you have any questions. Mooncakes may be a tasty treat, but make sure you feed your pet only a little at a time.

2. Use festive items safely

The use of plastic glow sticks has become a common sight at Mid-Autumn Festival in recent years, but not only do they create unnecessary waste, they can pose a safety hazard for your pets. If they bite into them, the chemicals within can cause adverse reactions, including eye and skin irritations, vomiting or drooling.

Also refrain from putting pomelo hats on your pets, cute as they may be. The citrus may irritate your pet’s respiratory system and the acidity may cause skin irritations. It is especially dangerous for cats.

3. Beware of certain fruits

Grapes and starfruit, popular fruits eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival, are unsuitable for pets. In fact, they can result in kidney failure if ingested. Feed them small amounts of bananas or apples instead, as long as seeds and peels are removed. The fibrein fruit is beneficial to your pet’s health, but taking in too much sugar and starch may also lead to health problems.

Let’s keep our pets safe and sound this festive season. We wish all pet parents and our four-legged friends a happy and healthy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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