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Pets Central offers a totally integrated 24/7/365 one-stop solution to veterinary care. Our veterinarians are all general practitioners – competent and experienced in a wide range of disciplines and skills with state-of-the-art equipment in modern facilities. This means that the care of patients will be led by one veterinarian who understands a range of fields, or by a team of veterinarians who are all familiar with each other’s fields of interest and competence.


The founding veterinarians of Pets Central are pioneers in the development of veterinary medicine in Hong Kong.

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Dr. Pauline Taylor was the first Hong Kong veterinarian to attain Membership in Small Animal Medicine by examination of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and coordinated the first kidney transplant in a cat in Hong Kong. Dr. Pauline was also the first vet in Hong Kong to receive an Executive MBA, the first vet columnist in the South China Morning Post, and first weekly vet radio guest giving pet care advice to Hong Kong pet parents.

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Dr. Kurt Verkest brought the first Oncept melanoma vaccine to a dog with malignant melanoma in Hong Kong and was the first to use two revolutionary new drugs (Rabacfosadine (Tanovea) for lymphoma in dogs, and Toceranib (Palladia) for mast cell tumours and multiple other tumour types)

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Dr. David Coyle was one of the earliest veterinary practitioners to look at significantly reducing the number of vaccines animals receive through their life. He also developed the first Hong Kong specific skin test for allergies. As pulmonary hypertension emerged as a significant disease in Hong Kong back in 2004, he was ultrasounding these dog’s hearts and prescribing a new therapies.


Pets Central is the first clinic in Hong Kong to integrate Tele-veterinary Medicine into its practice to improve the care of patients. We created the first online platform to bring specialists from around-the-world into general practices through virtual Vet to Client and Vet to Vet consultations.

Pets Central is bringing integrated care to a new level by partnering with U.S. based Vets Path Solutions – a new model of diagnostic laboratory that operates within and closely integrated with veterinary practices.


Pets Central was one of the first hospital groups in Hong Kong to actively blend and promote the “Best of the East & West” principles, combining Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine to Western Medical Practices.

Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine in which thin needles are inserted into different points on the body of your pet in order to stimulate the smooth flow of Qi. It is believed that all disease originates from the disruption of Qi flow and hence the use of acupuncture will help harmonize the flow and bring back a healthy state. Clinically, acupuncture is particularly useful in spinal and arthritic pain, as well as chronic diseases such as skin allergy and gastrointestinal allergies.

Pets Central provides the following services:

1. Dry needling – suitable for all conditions.

2. Electro-acupuncture – suitable for conditions with pain.

3. Aqua-acupuncture – where small injections are vitamin are injected in the acu-points. This is particularly suitable to pets who are sensitive to needles and pain.

At Pets Central, our vets combine western and traditional medicine in order to tailor to your pets needs. Please don’t hesitate  to let us know if you have any enquiries regarding this at +852 2811 8907 (North Point Hospital), +852 2792 0833  (Sai Kung Hospital) or +852 2309 2139 (Mong Kok Hospital).


Services include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Cancer Surgery
  • Oncept Melanoma Vaccine
  • Hour-long Consultations
  • Palliative Care
  • CT Imaging / Staging
  • Cytology

Please don’t hesitate to give our clinic a call at +852 2811 8907 (North Point Hospital) or +852 2309 2139 (Mong Kok Hospital).

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Dental disease is the most common chronic disease we see in our practice and it affects more than 80% of our patients over 2 years of age. Often, your pet suffer from this silently without complaint and by the time they’re showing signs such as reluctance to eat dry food, pawing at the mouth, or drooling, that’s when the periodontal diseases are already at their advanced stages.

At Pets Central, we care about your pets’ dental disease and wellbeing and we provide a free dental check up at every consult.

We are also fully equipped to provide a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) and this includes-

• Full dental charting by e-VDS (electronic Veterinary Digital Scoring)

• Complete digital dental radiography

• Professional Ultrasonic scaling and polishing service

• Dental nerve blocks before any dental extractions

• Surgical extractions of teeth when needed and post extraction radiographs included

Please don’t hesitate to ask your vet or give our clinic a call +852 2811 8907 (North Point Hospital), +852 2792 0833  (Sai Kung Hospital) or +852 2309 2139 (Mong Kok Hospital). if you’re concerned of your pets’ dental condition.


Services include:

  • Bath & skin check
  • Ears clean & pluck
  • Anal gland check
  • Nail Trim
  • Tidy up paws, face & toilet area

Please call for inquiry and appointment at +852 2811 8907 (North Point Hospital) or +852 2792 0833  (Sai Kung Hospital).

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