Help Your Pet Stress Less

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相信看獸醫是不少毛孩的一大噩夢!主人可以怎樣幫助毛孩紓緩甚至預防焦慮問題?來自澳洲的專業獸醫及動物行為學家Dr. Kersti Seksel分享了她的心得:


  1. 幫助毛孩做好心理準備


  1. 確保毛孩有充足睡眠


  1. 多給毛孩吃零食


Dr. Kersti Seksel近日了由香港獸醫學會舉辦的講座,此活動並由Pets Central及Antinol提供贊助。我們亦很榮幸邀請到Dr.Seksel到旺角診所主持工作坊,與Pets Central團隊分享寶貴經驗。


Help Your Pet Stress Less

Seeing the vet can be terrifying for pets. Dr. Kersti Seksel, a veterinarian surgeon and animal behavior expert from Australia, recently shared ways to relieve their anxiety, or even prevent it:


  1. Help your pet be mentally prepared

Familiarize your pet from an early age with how they’ll be handled when they’re at the vet, such as giving a pill and touching their toes, ears and nose. This helps reassure them that the whole experience of coming to the vet can be fun.

  1. Make sure your pet gets enough sleep

Dogs, for example, need as many as 16 hours of sleep every day. Ensuring pets are well rested can help reduce anxiety.

  1. Lots of treats

Make the experience positive throughout by rewarding your pet with treats starting when it enters the clinic, not just when they leave.


Dr Seksel spoke at an event organized by the Hong Kong Veterinary Association, sponsored by Pets Central and Antinol. We were honored to have Dr.Seksel host a staff training workshop at Pets Central Mong Kok hospital, sharing her valuable experience with the team.

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