Is it better to feed my dogs once a day or twice a day?

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Ask the Vet: 我應該一天餵一次狗,還是兩次?Is it better to feed my dogs once a day or twice a day?

Q&A with Dr Pauline Taylor, BVM&S MACVSc


DR. PAULINE SAYSIn wild dog packs, dogs get fed when they catch prey. They usually eat 2-3 times/week. They glutton & overeat, then relax & sleep. With our pets we thinkthey would like to eat when we do. We train them to expect food from us & make it very easy for them delivering food to their food bowls, no hunting required.  In fact dogs in theory should be fed only when they really are hungry. Obesity is one of the most common medical problems in our pet dogs. We overfeed them. Environmental enrichment to ease boredom is a reason to feed dogs more frequently. I recommend dividing the daily amount of food & use food dispensing toys instead of two meals/day, and feed a main meal only once/day. In reality however it actually depends on your own dog & normally when he is genuinely hungry he will eat. Unless of course he is a Labrador….who are always ready to eat!

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