Painful! Watch how harmful garbage in the ocean can be!

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This video shows the dangers of improper disposal of plastic and the harmful effects it can have on marine wildlife.

Olive Ridley, a male sea turtle, was discovered with a 12cm plastic straw lodged inside its nose in the sea near Costa Rica.

A nearby research team rescued the turtle.  In the longer version of this video, they explain that they first believed the foreign object was a parasitic worm.

They then set about attempting to remove it with the limited tools at their disposal and discovered that it was in fact a straw.  The team decided that a pair of pliers would be the best tool to pull the object free.

The video maker then addresses the camera and says: ‘This is the reason we do not need plastic straws.’  Later in the clip, after much struggling, the man manages to pull the straw free and blood immediately pours from the turtle’s nose.

Writing online the researchers said: ‘He obviously did not enjoy the procedure very much, but we hope that he is now able to breathe more freely.  We disinfected the air passageway with iodine and kept the turtle for observation before releasing him back into the wild.  The bleeding stopped pretty much immediately after the removal of the straw.’

Let’s take better care of our seas!

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