[KPN] Purina F9 UR CiG Salmon 85gx10p XE (12308816)


For Adult and Senior cats
Made In USA

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Product Description

A complete wet cat food diet for the dissolution of struvite stones and the reduction
of struvite stone recurrence. With Purina Pro Plan UR Urinary St/Ox security to
help reduce the occurrence of urinary struvite and calcium Oxalate crystals and
stone formation, and designed to help promote increased water intake to reduce
concentrations of minerals and irritants in the urine. It contains moderate level of
calories to help maintain ideal body weight.
The diet helps nutritionally manage idiopathic cystitis and urinary stones, the two
most common causes of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).
• With ST/Ox urinary security – to reduce the risk of urinary struvite and calcium
oxalate crystals and stone formation
•Helps dissolve urinary struvite stones
• Moderate fat and calorie levels
• Helps maximise natural anti-inflammatory processes
• Helps support the bladder mucosal barrier